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Where is the demo and how can I see it?

There are 3 ways you can obtain our plugin demo: 

1)   Download the plugin directly from “Technical Documentation” page – you can download the .zip file there

2)   Download plugin directly from wordpress.org repository – > just type in “Key2Print dropshipping plugin” in Plugins -> Add new

3)    Download the plugin directly from wordpress.org site

When the plugin is downloaded (you have a .zip file) you can install the plugin at your wordpress dashboard. To do that, you need to go to Appearance -> Plugins -> Add new. 

Here you can upload  your plugin .zip file using button “Upload zip file” or just using drag and drop feature. 

When the plugin is installed, you’ll need to activate it. To do that, you will just need to click on blue button “Activate plugin” next to plugin name and description 

In order to test the plugin in demo mode go to K2P API – and set a “Demo mode” checkbox activated. Now you can go and create products. 

What do I need to do in order to get started?

First you download the plugin in a zip. file,  install it on your WordPress dashboard and activate it. Then, if you want to go try out the demo version of the plugin just to see how it works, go to K2P API – and set a “Demo mode” checkbox activated.

If you tested the plugin and want to start selling you’ll need to do few more steps to obtain access to full plugin functionality.

1. Register in SaxoPrint

Register as a reseller on the website of our printing partner https://www.saxoprint.de/meinkontogroup/registrierungdeso that you could obtain your user ID. 

Obtaining you User ID is a necessary step in setting up your account, as it helps us to connect you with our printing partner SaxoPrint. You can get it by registering on the website of the local SaxoPrint from your country

2. Fill in the form with user ID

Send us a form with your user ID you’ve received after registering to SaxoPrint. This is an extended questionnaire that will help us to gather more information about your company and review them in terms of your creditworthiness. 

3. We verify your company

After receiving the form, we analyse your company. Upon positive verification, you will have the opportunity to order items on the invoice with a deferred date.

4. Get your API credentials and start selling

If the verification process goes well, we give you the API credentials (API key and API secret), which will enable you to activate your account on a “Production mode”. Now you can finally start selling! Good luck!

Can I also sell my own products in the same WooCommerce store?

Absolutely! You can combine it with your other products.

Are you planning to develop other e-commerce platforms?

To find out whether we are going to create other e-commerce platforms check out our Facebook page. We’ll update you with all of the exciting news.

How much does signing up to your plugin cost?

Our WooCommerce plugin is totally free. There are no startup fees, no subscription fees, no monthly fee or order fee.

Does your partner send packages with his logotype?

No, all packages are blank without any labels. Also in the place defined as the sender your company’s name and details will be displayed. The package leaves the printer without an invoice or shipping note from the manufacturer.

What happens to the complaints?

If there are any complaints our manufacturer takes care of them. SaxoPrint is a company handling over 4.000 orders daily in 8 European countries, which means the topic of  complaints and returns is their bread and butter. They have well-established procedures on how to deal with customer issues, so no need to worry about them handling your clients’ orders. SaxoPrint will make sure the claim process goes as smoothly as possible.

Why products are unreturnable?

According to European Union’s directive on returns of custom-made products, the shop owner is not obliged to accept a personalised item. It is a convenient feature to have as a vendor. Yet, if there are any complaints we will take care of them.

Can a customer cancel an order?

Yes, a customer can cancel an order until it goes into production.

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